John, Yorkshire

" Working with Paul has always been a team effort. Our long-term relationship speaks volumes for the mutual respect that we have for each other

Planning for retirement Client since 2000

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We have worked with John for over 20 years, helping him use his capital and investments to achieve his family’s aspirations.

John was a Dental Surgeon who owned his own practice, when we were introduced in the late 1990s. He always believed in seeking guidance from people who he felt had knowledge and expertise in given field. John wanted advice on how best to use his capital, investments and future earnings, to achieve his and his family’s goals.

Paul has now worked with John for over two decades. During this time, John has sold the dental practice and retired. Both his daughters have been educated privately and whilst at university they were each bought a home which enabled them to get a good foothold on the property ladder.

Throughout their married life, John and his wife have always had an ongoing ‘project’. When undertaking their most recent one, a large barn conversion in North Yorkshire, the prospective buyer of their existing home failed to raise the funds and the project looked in jeopardy. With Paul’s help an innovative plan was quickly put into place which allowed the barn conversion to proceed despite not having sold the current home.

The association with John has meant that he has been able to enjoy family life in the knowledge that his finances were being well looked after. Regular meetings ensure that we keep up to date with market fluctuations and adjustments are made to investments as and when necessary. Paul is always on hand to discuss any concerns regarding markets or investments and to proffer advice when necessary.

Reflecting on our advice, John said: "Working with Paul has always been a team effort. Our long-term relationship speaks volumes for the mutual respect that we have for each other"

Client Stories

Rather than us tell you about how you can benefit from our services. Some of our clients have been kind enough to share their stories about how our financial planning work has impacted and changed their lives.

Planning for retirement


client since 2017

" Without Paul’s advice, we’d have left our pensions where they were. We’ve become good friends with Paul as a result and have even recommended him to family and friends.

Already Retired


client since 2017

" Paul keeps me in check, he always creates a plan, giving me total confidence. This was certainly the case when we were budgeting for my son’s university in Switzerland.